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5 Tech Tips for Your Job Search

Employers are pulling out all the stops to find qualified talent. Top candidates are harder than ever to find, and employers are addressing this challenge by investing in a range of technology tools designed to help them prospect, screen and engage candidates.

How and where do you look for jobs? Which technologies have you used? Have your job search tactics kept up? A recent report by ManpowerGroup has identified a pocket of job seekers called, Early HR Technology Adopters. These candidates have used at least three or more technologies in their job search during the past six months, including a smartphone app, social media advertisement, virtual job fair, text message to or from a company, video interview, employer website chat, game or skills challenge test, or voice search via a virtual assistant. However, only 11% of job seekers fall into this category. So, if you are using a variety of channels to look for a job, you will be ahead of the curve. From digital job ads to social media posts to asking virtual assistants like Siri® to search for a job, additional job search options are out there. And according to the new report from ManpowerGroup, candidates were clear: technology has the potential to provide a better experience, but human interaction is still key to the process. Job seekers want companies that have the right combination of high-tech and high-touch.

So, what tech strategies should you be using in your job search?

Here are 5 tips to get you started:
Use apps. There is always room for one more app on your phone. Not only do specific companies have apps for job searching, but you will want to add apps for job boards, salary info and interview help. Some of the best include: Glassdoor, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn Job Search, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and LinkUp. What are your faves? Network on social media. Make your information employer-friendly; employers will be checking you out on Facebook, Twitter, Google and more. Keep profiles clean and current. Post interesting insights, examples of work, and completed projects. These profiles are your branding showcase. Be sure to sell yourself and all that you can offer to a potential employer. Use tech assistants to keep you updated. As devices and services like Google Play, Amazon Echo and Siri® play more of a role in our lives, why not get them involved in your job search? You can directly ask for job openings in a specific discipline or geography. Give it a try. Prep for virtual interviews. Familiarize yourself with video interviewing options, such as Skype, and be ready to go if an employer wants you to jump online for an opportunity. Consider setting up an “interview space” so you have a clean, non-distracting area for conducting these meetings. Mobilize your resume/CV. Store your resume on your phone so it is easily accessible whenever you need it. Also consider creating a mobile-ready downloadable pdf. Double check your formatting before sending; employers don’t have time to sift through resumes that are not clear. You could also consider creating a livelier version of your resume, such as a video you could store on YouTube.

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